Webmark Development(last updated: 12/2/06 03:22 GMT)
XmlHttpRequest: Real-time searching

Type below (try 'homepage' for example) to see WebMark return you results as you type. Since this is just a prototype, only one result is returned at a time. Note that when the hyperlink has a line through it, that means the current search string has no matches.

Bookmark importing

This now works with Firefox! You can either just generate a page with the sort of category collapsing/expanding seen on the main page, or add all your Firefox bookmarks to WebMark.


Add to WebMark

Drag this to your links bar and click it when you're at a site you want to add to WebMark. There's an option in your profile (after you register) for automatically returning to the site you came from -- it defaults to 'true'.

If you use a browser that does not allow you to drag the link to your links bar, try adding it as a favorite. In IE, you can add it as a favorite and put it in the 'links' folder, which is the same as dragging the link to your links bar.


More advanced searching. More icons. Dynamic bookmark loading so that the inital download is not enormous (as of 4/4/05, it is 80 KB for the public bookmarks). If you want a feature, you've got to tell me. I'm trying to design WebMark so that adding most features is relatively easy.


I need icons for deleting, modifying, moving bookmarks & categories around.  Do contact me if you would like to help out, as I have already contracted out some of the icon design.


Preferences are now accessed and stored via metadata. This means adding a new option requires one new column added to a table and one row added to a different table. The rest is coding to implement the option -- the above is enough to get it displaying in your profile (visible when you log in). Perhaps some of you realize how nice this is...


Currently, WebMark supports very rudimentary searching: type a string in, hit enter, and it will search for items containing the string you've typed. I will be implementing a more sophisticated search engine in the future, especially after I've implemented keywords and written some advanced searching screens.


I plan on writing my own forums so that one can write comments about bookmarks and have discussions. The forums would also be useful for writing my own blogger...


I think it would be really cool to be able to undo operations like deleting bookmarks, etc. I'm thinking of implementing this with a full-blown transaction log, so that you can get a list of actions and choose to roll back as many as you want, making sure that associated changes are rolled back atomically.