There are many, many tutorials on the web.  However, very few of them are actively maintained and updated based on input from those who read them.  In other words, most online instructional content is no better (and usually worse) than a well-written book; the advantages of being updateable in real time and having almost instantaneous communication with "students" are lost.  All of my tutorials contain links to my contact information and I have plans to tightly integrate communication all tutorials on this website.

After interaction comes adaptation: different people need different material for learning any given subject.  Ideally, tutorials contain enough information for most people, and let each individual quickly and easily isolate the material relevant to him/her.  See the first tutorial link for my solution to this problem.

Request for Help

Few tutorials are developed with the help of those learning the subject matter; it is my sincere belief that the best way to learn how to teach is to listen to those learning.  Therefore, I would be very interested in writing tutorials about material I know well, with the help of those who are just learning it.  Examples would be XHTML & CSS, JavaScript (the scratch page below is a start; as I am just learning about its object-oriented features myself), C# (and ASP.NET), C++.

Let me know if you're interested!

The Tutorials