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Items containing the tag 'er'

edit item Move-Item with wildcard literals
tags: powershell
edit item PowerShell: pipeline as array
tags: powershell
edit item On seeing ahead
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item Christianity: suffering
tags: christianity suffering
edit item Al and Luis meeting notes
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item SA extract thread references
tags: sql-script-2005 thread-enhancer
edit item SQL2008 Features
tags: sql-server-2008 pdc-notes-2008
edit item Lost Art of Listening notes
tags: book-notes labreuer
edit item My AutoHotkey script
tags: labreuer
edit item PowerShell: code snippets
tags: powershell
edit item PowerShell: error handling
tags: powershell error-handling
edit item DDL Trigger: login
tags: ddl-trigger sql-script-2005
edit item DDL Trigger: rename
tags: ddl-trigger sql-script-2008 db_logging
edit item DDL Trigger: database level events
tags: ddl-trigger sql-script-2005 db_logging
edit item SQL 2005: blocking unencrypted logins
tags: sql-server-2005 ddl-trigger b7c
edit item bcp utility gotchas
tags: bcp sql-server format-file tsql-gotcha b7c
edit item Luke's Spring 2010 courses
tags: labreuer caltech
edit item Luke's Caltech classes winter 2010
tags: caltech-class labreuer
edit item Popper
tags: caltech-class winter-2010
edit item iPhone thoughts
tags: labreuer-hardware iphone
edit item CS42 notes
tags: caltech-class winter-2010
edit item semiotics
tags: labreuer-interest
edit item CS21 notes
tags: cs21 labreuer
edit item Thoughts on Programming Languages
tags: labreuer-thoughts programming
edit item Thoughts on Christianity
tags: labreuer-thoughts christianity work_in_progress
edit item SQL 2005: using LINQ in SQLCLR
tags: sql-server-2005 sqlclr
edit item Generating an SSL certificate on Windows without IIS
tags: ssl-certificate certificate-signing-request sql-server
edit item SQL 2005: retrieve SQLCLR source code
tags: sql-server-2005 sqlclr
edit item SQL 2005: JoinWithCommaSpace
tags: sql-server-2005 sqlclr
edit item SQL 2005: dbo.RegexSplit
tags: sql-server-2005 sqlclr regex
edit item SQL 2005: dbo.CharacterizeString
tags: sql-server-2005 sqlclr
edit item SQL 2005: dbo.RegexMatchValue
tags: sql-server-2005 sqlclr
edit item ACM TechNews Interesting Articles
tags: acm-technews labreuer
edit item labreuer
tags: labreuer resume
edit item SQL 2005: output clause
tags: sql-server-2005
edit item sys.columns vs syscolumns
tags: sql-server-2000 sql-server-2005
edit item Intelligence Games
tags: computer-game
edit item SQL2005: SSMS table design SQL generation
tags: sql-server-2005 ssms-2005-code_gen
edit item stuff to read
tags: labreuer
edit item Caltech IST & Related
tags: caltech labreuer
edit item Ensure-Table-and-Column-Exist
tags: sql-script-2005 needs_underscores
edit item .NET 4.0: Code Contracts and Pex
tags: .net-4.0 c#-4.0 design_by_contract test-discovery pdc-notes-2008
edit item thoughts on the semantic web
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item Learning research
tags: learning labreuer
edit item PowerShell: dealing with services
tags: powershell
edit item PowerShell: regular expressions
tags: powershell regex
edit item EtherPad
tags: etherpad software-notes collaborative-editing
edit item Adaptive Content
tags: labreuer-thoughts tsunami-idea
edit item MonitorOff
tags: labreuer-software
edit item bookmarklets
tags: web_browser
edit item Pasadena area cycling
tags: cycling personal
edit item Bad error messages
tags: labreuer-thoughts complexity
edit item thoughts on wikis
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item my Latitude XT
tags: labreuer-hardware
edit item Luke's FPGA work
tags: fpga labreuer-hardware
edit item Thoughts on Forums
tags: labreuer-thoughts forums
edit item Erlang database: mnesia
tags: erlang rdbms mnesia
edit item PowerShell: creating scheduled tasks
tags: powershell scheduled-task
edit item Thoughts on Information Classification
tags: labreuer-thoughts information-classification
edit item Software I use
tags: labreuer software-list
edit item Firefox quicksearches
tags: labreuer
edit item Asperger Syndrome
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item butts
tags: relationship kurper
edit item More LINQ madness
tags: linq kurper
edit item Butts
tags: butts kurper
edit item tsunami suggestions
tags: tsunami kurper
edit item why headings should be =blah= for big and ==blah== for small
tags: tsunami-syntax typography kurper
edit item Digital whiteboard and related
tags: labreuer b7c presentation
edit item WPF: thoughts before delving in
tags: wpf labreuer
edit item tsunami suggestions - document change history
tags: nimming tsunami-suggestion version history undo diff