tsunami syntax: headings

Luke Breuer
2008-02-25 20:58 UTC

= most minor heading
== less minor

=== getting kinda important

More or less = as important?
One might argue for the opposite: = should render as <h1> or whatever the most important, highest level heading is. However, I disagree, for two reasons:
  • = doesn't look as important as === when looking at the markup
  • there are more subheadings than headings, so if more = means more important, the total number of = will be less
Mapping from = to <hN>
The next question is whether the top-level heading (most =) should render as <h1>, or whether the current mapping of = to <h6>, == to <h5>, etc., is good. I claim that all we really care about is the relative importance between headings, and the = system in place supports that perfectly. How exactly the text is rendered is up for debate, but I claim my goals are good and well-served by the current system:
  1. all the information should be stored well (no information should be lost)
  2. information should be stored well, with minimal cruft and duplication
  3. information should be presented well, visually
  4. presentation should be semantically correct
I think 1-2 are served well by the current system, 3 is OK right now, and 4 can be supported easily.
Text size, horizontal rules, & outdenting
Three different ways I see to emphasize headings are:
  • text size
  • horizontal rules
  • outdenting (since all text is indented uniformly, excepting block quotes and lists)

Currently, tsunami leverages text size and outdenting, but exactly how it is done is very rough. Any comments on how to make it better would be quite appreciated.

Some sites to look at for inspiration (more would be nice):
A comparison
 =Internet Control Message Protocol=
 == Technical details==
 ===ICMP segment structure===
 ====Padding data====
 ===List of permitted control messages (incomplete list)===
 ==See also==
 ==External links==
 ====Internet Control Message Protocol====
 === Technical details===
 ==ICMP segment structure==
 =Padding data=
 ==List of permitted control messages (incomplete list)==
 ===See also===
 ===External links===