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tsunami suggestions - Information Mapping

Ned Imming
0001-01-01 05:00 UTC

When I am researching a topic I often find myself opening lot's of tabs as I pull up pages I think may be interesting. Although I can't read in parallel I often think in a more random pattern than a strictly linear way. Once I have a grasp on many of the elements involved in the topic I start to bring it together into a more cohesive picture, trimming pieces off as I see fit, until I have a working model in my own mind.
Provide a mapping of related documents as they are accessed. It might be interesting to provide methods to track links and search terms as they are related to each document. Essentially providing a history network of topics as they were accessed. Then provide a graphical representation showing branches and nodes with links to the documents.

I think the idea is to build up a map of associations and links. It might be simpler to allow people to build research networks, in a similar way to building a macro were you can start recording, and then stop when you have collected enough articles. Then you could traverse back and forth across the network.

I realize this may be a rather large project in and of itself, but I thought it might be of interest if it had not already crossed your mind in some for or other.
Starting with a search term "pie" I pull up the first hit returned. Then I read through the article and follow several links, opening different tabs for pizza, apple pie, and ovens. I end up following the apple pie article and from there I do a search for "apples".

The data gathered is that I followed links from the "pie" article to three other articles, and from the "apple pie" article I used the search term "apple".