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tsunami suggestions

2009-01-06 09:10 UTC

make the tags thing have little suggestions so if there are existing tags for what I'm trying to tag I don't have to guess them or look them up
on the list

make the headings handling be the right way
maybe I'll make it per-user
probably not worthwhile, consistency is way more important than ideal heading handling

probably there should be a shorter way to link to articles with long names like why headings should be =blah= for big and ==blah== for small
try [[shorter version/123|description]]

i want to be able to preview my edits before making them, for instance i have no clue if that link there ^^^^ works (edit: it doesn't :()
later on, I'll highlight syntax that didn't parse that probably should

actually being able to tag pages as editable by other people would be really great, not having that kind of completely defeats the purpose of this whole thing yknow
yes, this is coming — I can do a quick hack if you'd like, for example, if the tag 'public' exists

at some point you should change the url to be tsunami and use some mod_rewrite magic to redirect it, idk if that'd screw up all your SEO though??? you sure do love bragging about being first on google for one thing
yes, see tsunami item names

you just edited while i was editing and it erased all my changes, thats bad

re: item names, imo time/item/553/tsunami_suggestions is superior to time/item/tsunami_suggestions/553 (at least until you implement version control)