tsunami relationships

Luke Breuer
2009-02-01 18:26 UTC

Relationships exist when tags are not powerful enough.
Tsunami's relationships are very much like the Resource Description Framework (RDF):
Item A points to Item B, with the relationship described by Item C
^^^^^^           ^^^^^^                                     ^^^^^^
subject          object                                     predicate

This is called a triple, and has powerful characteristics. For example, a set of triples can describe many different types of data structures (since triples themselves form graphs). The idea is that nobody really knows how information should be structured. That is probably a silly question, as there might not be One True Way to represent information. We know different people learn differently — why not present information differently to them?

Tsunami is a research platform-in-progress, a way to understand information by slowly categorizing it. There are many possibilities, but to really start exploring them, a bit of high quality seed information is required. This is where your help is required!