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tsunami questions

Luke Breuer
2013-07-07 08:52 UTC

  • modularize: what is the smallest module that can constitute a 'server' that your random Joe can whip together and put online? what must this minimalist server be able to do?
    • I think it's just a standard HTTP server?
    • Maybe we want SHA-1s of the content available via HTTPS from the 'home' server, or perhaps have the content be signed? No: we always want to allow for anonymity!
  • When in edit mode, should some or all of the links on the left and right sides open in new windows? Perhaps this should be a user setting?
  • Would it be desirable to have double-clicking in the content area switch to edit mode?
  • How about a right-click context menu for item links that can easily be disabled a la my tutorial? This could allow easier editing of items from anywhere with fewer mouse clicks. Perhaps one could pull up a mini-detail for quickly altering a name/tags.
  • Do we allow editing by heading, like MediaWiki?
  • Do we want autosave?
  • Do pages get locked so that only one person is editing at a time? (pessimistic locking)
  • What do we do with really long lines of code or other non-breaking text?
    • A: make the code <pre> autoexpand. :-D
  • Should indented text be treated as code, in lieu of {{ }}? How does this balance with block quoting? How about specifying the programming language for syntax coloring?
  • What should the standard be for headings? For small items, it seems that the smallest heading is sufficient, but for larger items, it's nice to have headings and subheadings. The problem is that it's semantically undesirable to have H1, H2, and then H6, with nothing in between. Moreover, might we want horizontal rules for some headings?
  • Should [[ only be used for internal links, and something else used for external links?
Relationships and Tags
  • How should relationships be named? Right now, it's "{subject} ~ {object}" if no name is specified.
  • What should the role of tags be, compared to full blown relationships with subject-object-predicate? For example, do we need the 'tsunami' tag? Ultimately, one should be able to choose the root tsunami item and see all descendents, limiting by predicate, user, etc. The tag is a lot dumber.
  • Should relationships show up during normal searches? They seem to kind of pollute search results at the moment.
Item Names
  • How can the design of tsunami be improved? It's pretty, ahem, sub-par at the moment.