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tsunami motivation

Luke Breuer
2010-01-08 09:33 UTC

tsunami topics to write about in the near future:
  • motivation
  • version 1
    • objectives
    • technical architecture
  • philosophy
  • ?
motivation for tsunami
I have grown increasingly frustrated with the current state of software and learning in general. I've zeroed in on what I consider "foundational issues" — problems that need to be fixed in order to best enable other problems to be fixed.
  • discussion of ideas
  • presentation of ideas with multiple facets
  • connecting information in a more detailed and granular fashion than URLs
Keep reading to see examples of what I mean.
unwieldy discussion mechanisms
presentation of ideas with multiple facets
Wikipedia is really great if their neutral point of view policy works well, if there is never a reason to fork content because of differing points of view. I'm not aware of any website that handles differing opinions all that well — one usually predominates.

There are plenty of other facets beside opinions: wikis and most other information resources address that by either having different sections, different pages, or repetition of material from a different point of view (for example, security documentation vs. performance documentation: there is going to be some overlap but it might be pretty hard to find quickly).

The problem I see is that it's not always easy to find all the areas of a document that are talking about the same thing (like some particular user permission), nor all the areas of a document that are about some topic (like performance). One simply has to skim the material, thus taking extra time and risking that he/she misses something important.

An area on which I've focused is discussion of ideas and connecting information.

random stuff

vv This is from an old conversation vv
--- Name yourselves, please. ---

1) something along these lines should be in there somewhere near the top: "I want to improve on wiki and forum technology to make them more conducive to building a source of high quality knowledge." <nice] Followed by some sort of concise explanation of what you are going to do specifically to improve it (inline editing,for example)

2) some sort of outline or more linear/heirarchical organization would be helpful for people who want to make sure they get everything (and so that it is easy to find). case in point, you asked me to look at data types and adaptive content... I dont' know where that is
I did just now, and it found it, but of course if that is useful information it should be linked in a way that indicates such, and doesn't expect me to magically know that that is key information

This is interesting — I haven't had anyone interested in a comprehensive view of tsunami. Most people have very short attention spans, and only want to look at a tiny bit. Therefore, I haven't really been motivated to do what you describe!

This is something that was drilled into my head over the summer by my thesis advisor over and over again. One thing that I found useful was his explanation of presenting content in something of a "pseudo-recursive" <nice term] manner... for ex the first sentence of each paragraph should serve as an intro to the whole thing. the first paragraph of each section should serve as an intro to the whole section... the first section of a chapter / page should serve as an intro to the whole chapter/page, etc.

I'd kind of like to do this with someone else, because it'll force me to explain things and ensure I'm getting a decent skeleton, not missing a few vertebrae or something.

I would assume that you've done this but going and making an outline of the whole concept (from scratch) would be really useful. Maybe try making one single nearly-flat design doc before spreading it out into a bunch of pages


Hahaha, I really want Adaptive Content for this:

In terms of more in depth advice etc, I'll have to take some time to actually read through all of what you already have (I don't have the time to do that right this moment though)

What you've done is already much more than most have, so I am deeply appreciative. :-D

These are the more current ideas: