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tsunami business idea

Luke Breuer
2008-03-22 22:14 UTC

teaching & training
An extraordinarily good way to learn and become competent is to teach. It is very hard to poorly learn an idea and be able to teach it well.
going meta
What happens if, while teaching and learning, one steps back from the process and thinks about how it could be improved? Teachers do tend to get incrementally better over time, but what happens if both teachers and students are focused on improving the learning process, as well as doing the actual learning?
accumulating knowledge
I would like to tap the meta process above and use it to continually refine a network of knowledge, stored in a system like tsunami. Textbooks are costly and time-consuming to update — a website can be updated in milliseconds. Information in textbooks has a fixed organization and depth — information online can be re-flowed almost instantaneously, perhaps with something like adaptive content. I want to see what happens if one incrementally but continually improves one's knowledge resources.
making money
It is a bit annoying that to really support the above, a source of income is required. My idea is that people can use the system generated from the above for free, but to access advanced features costs money. Alternatively, asking questions of experts who work for said company will cost money. It would be a bit like a consulting company, except that every time someone is helped, the information gained from helping gets fed into the knowledge management engine (e.g. tsunami). Perhaps there could be an option to prevent this feedback (e.g. for sensitive issues) that would cost more.
what topics?
I have a decent level of knowledge about c# (including linq) and sql (especially SQL Server). I know digital electronics to a less extent. However, I need other employees who are interested in teaching and figuring out how to improve the teaching process. This means that whatever they do well, will be potential topics.
Because a great deal of value from employees will go directly into the system and be preserved, I think a high turnover rate could be made into a distinct positive. Not only that, but they could always help part-time, in an on-demand fashion.
pursuit of competence
The first and foremost goal is to pursue extreme competence & enable others to do the same. Information needs to be made very easy to find and comprehend. Anything that inhibits absorption of information needs to be addressed. With competence comes excellence.