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Luke Breuer
2008-12-26 04:47 UTC

In years past, it has been important to present web sites that are operable with JavaScript turned off. Among other reasons, some websites use JS in very obnoxious, intrusive ways that significantly hinder the browsing experience. To what extent tsunami should function without JS is an important question.

To the extent that is reasonable, tsunami will only use javascript to enhance functionality that is available via pure http-form methods. This is one form of degrading gracefully. Some features are only available via javascript: these are either just "icing on the cake" or would take too much time to implement both ways. If any particular feature should be made non-javascript accessible, contact the author.
Enhancements that degrade:
  • history erase button

Enhancements that do not degrade:
  • change tag list style (from a freeform multi-column layout to single-column)
  • typing a number when there are search results will navigate to that result if the number is in range (the first item is 1, not 0)