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tsunami ToDo

Luke Breuer
2008-12-26 04:51 UTC

  • show relationship boxes when editing relationship items
  • do a full rename of TIME -> tsunami, including changing the links section and the hardcoded content of the main page (or just take that out)
  • probably just omit relationships from searches and tag results
  • accessing TIME Features fails

  • allow searching by person
  • better searching on add relationship page
    • better instructions on how to add relationships
  • compiler for markup

  • Implement quoting and forums with threads and posts being Items with overflow table information.
  • Figure out a good item permissions system. (Maybe allow users to only edit their own info and make everything public for starters.)
  • Implement user profiles.
  • Integrate with WebMark or a new, simpler bookmarking system (or just a table in the time database) so that links to SQL Tables is supported.
  • Enable large sidebars for large screens.
  • Enable embedding of items within each other.
    • Enable recursive support, but perhaps limit the recursion and detect cycles.
    • Think about how to only include some of the content.
  • Do a better job parsing text inside of [[ ]]; at the moment, item names must not contain underscores. Names inside [[ ]] should probably be normalized if a pk is specified.
  • Think about how to implement filters for item searches, both globally and locally. RQL?
  • Figure out a system of filters for various different parts of TIME where lists of items are displayed.
  • Improve autosuggest.
  • Fix the page that shows right after login — it is blank, instead of populated by an item, search results, etc.
  • PowerShell 2 has some parsing issues
  • introduce nice syntax for linking to searches in tsunami as well as tags
  • Be smarter about authentication — right now it happens in the master page's Load event, which means that other pages' Load events cannot access the Person object that sits in the IPrincipal's Identity slot.
  • Option to add relationships for any links in one item to another item (which don't have any relationships already). Perhaps there could be markup to auto-create relationships.
  • Implement incremental search in the editing textarea.
  • Implement paging of results and result counts.
  • Allow custom population of the links fieldset.
  • Offer a fieldset for the last n pages visted, optionally restricting to items and not searches.
  • Store history of items as deltas.
  • Allow unauthorized users to suggest changes to items that can be improved or disapproved by authorized users.
  • Allow users to execute specially (e.g. do something other than a generic search) on certain search strings.
  • Include an excerpt from main content in search results.
  • Lifting and dumping: allow easy creation of relationships for [[ ]] items and vice versa.
  • Display a warning when the item name in the URL doesn't match the name of the item with the PK in the url.
  • Implement counters for DAL time, markup processing time, and page processing time.
  • look at WikiPad