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tsunami: Getting Started

Luke Breuer
2008-12-24 02:18 UTC

tsunami Introduction
tsunami uses a lightweight syntax markup for writing rich text. You may view example markup on any page; you may only edit your own pages for the time being. (This will change once versioning has been implemented.)

It may be worthwhile to see the tags being used and the newest n items.
Make it better!
Definitely let me know if you want any part of tsunami changed. Contact me, or just create an item with the keyword tsunami-suggestion.
Some sample styles
You can view the markup for these:
While you can use 1-6 = at the beginning of a line to make a heading, I would encourage you to only use as many = as there are levels of headings in your document. The smallest heading gets =, the next smallest gets ==, and so on. Most articles in tsunami (as of March '08) only need = and ==.
Typography & Layout
The typography & layout in tsunami needs a lot of help, especially for non-Windows Firefox 2.x browsers. Any help on this would be appreciated; feel free to just put the suggestions in tsunami with the tag tsunami-suggestion.
Private items
Any items that contain "private" in their tag string will be viewable only by you. A more advanced permissions system will come when enough users require it (enough could be one if the user is prolific enough).