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teapot on learning programming language basics

Luke Breuer
2008-02-06 21:48 UTC

  1. C: Language basics.
  2. C: Functions.
  3. C: Basics of OS interfaces used in the C/system library.
  4. C: Memory management.
  5. C: Data structures.
  6. C: Examples of various libraries.
  7. C++: Language basics, OO, classes.
  8. C++: Runtime polymorphism, data structures with runtime polymorphism.
  9. C++: Templates.
  10. C++: STL.

(1,2 and 3 overlap, everything else is in a sequence).

LAB: Pointers should probably be in their own section, perhaps between 2 and 3, as 3 requires them. Then again, perhaps they go with 1, if 1 includes arrays.

anyone programming in C++ nowadays should be familiar with the Generic Programming Paradigm http://www.generic-programming.org/about/intro/