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Luke Breuer
2009-07-27 02:00 UTC

To learn how to design, implement, and manage complex systems, both software and hardware-based. A top priority is to learn how to manage data well, focusing on the interdependencies between different pieces of data, both relational and flat.
experience summary
  • project management of a hospital billing analysis system
  • database, web, desktop, and embedded software development
  • digital hardware design/programming
technical skills
Ordered from most to least familiarity.
  • C#, .NET Framework
  • TSQL, Microsoft SQL Server administration (particularly 2005)
  • regular expressions
  • JavaScript
  • PowerShell
  • some GNU utilities (grep, sed, head, tail)
  • VB 6.0
  • C/C++
  • Win32 API
  • VHDL, Verilog
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • Intel x86 assembly, ATMEL AVR assembly
work experience
Breuer & Co.
Dec. 2005–
  • Designed and developed a custom documentation system with granular security and deep integration with existing B&C database and application architecture. All the below were documented with it.
  • Designed and developed new reporting capabilities which mimic Excel Pivot Tables but run from slightly-modified existing B&C software, using its very powerful querying engine. "Updatable OLAP" would be a decent description of this functionality.
  • Developed an ETL process for loading data from [convoluted] flat files into SQL Server 2005.
  • Wrote TSQL to perform sophisticated analysis of billing data, targeting 10+ million row tables and one 80 million row table.
  • Gained considerable knowledge of Meditech 4.9 and 5.5 software, especially the data storage aspect (hierarchical database with procedural access). Also gained a considerable knowledge about how hospital bills are generated (including various medical codes) and sent to insurance companies.
  • Developed parameterized, database-driven survey software.
  • Developed parameterized, modular report printing software.
  • Automated handling of support requests sent via e-mail.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jun.-Dec., 2005
Continued development of FPGA software, PC interface, and algorithms for the JPL-Boeing MEMS micro-gyroscope. Verilog was used for FPGA design and C# was used for the PC interface and evolutionary algorithm. Some instrumentation was automated for extended tests of the evolutionary algorithm.
California Institute of Technology
Winter and Spring, 2005
Tutored students in two microprocessor classes, one involving Intel x86 assembly language programming and one involving FPGA hardware and software design.
Breuer & Co.
Summer 2002, 2003, 2004
Developed various in-house utility software in VB 6.0, VB.NET, and C#. Developed prototype PocketPC applications in VB.NET and C#; one was an inventory control system and another a student information system for hall monitors.