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code management

2008-04-01 17:34 UTC

How do you keep track of the 'small' things when it comes to programming?

If you want to substitute something in python, you do this:
variable = variable_value
print "%s" % variable #strings
print "%d" % variable #integers
print "%f" % variable #floating points

This is called a variety of things: 'string substitution,' 'string formatting,' and 'interpolation.' Now, if I see this in an example script and didn't know what it was called, how can I search for it? One of the problems is that I am only searching for one character, and it happens to be non-alphanumeric.

One solution would be to allow people to search for non-alphanumeric characters using alphanumeric characters that represent the non-alphanumeric characters (whew!).

Another idea I'm interested in is micro-management, microwikis or search engines.

Yet another is the idea of searching for templates of code in order to understand the concept behind the general structure. (That would be cool, huh?)

I wonder how much information code.google.com provides, I'll have to research that.

[Yes, this used to be something different, but I'm changing it to something that I know I will continue editing for a long time.]

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