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Tsunami itself

2008-04-03 18:34 UTC

Tsunami should have templates for various information input. We need scriptability to enhance the addition of different forms of information. Better tools.

Could tsunami be used as a tool for finding information or assisted research?

I want to know how to better use bash/linux scripts. If I wanted to start this, who would I ask? Perhaps others could moderate my motion for investigation and cancel it because it already exists.

What I am looking for is how to use the internal help as good as possible (regular help-- is easy, how the hell do you use the man pages?)

I will explain even more later. Some of this overlaps with my own network idea. Perhaps a standard should be made to unite all new 'information seekers.' Instead of having one big gigantic network, we can have a heavenly organization of networks that is absolutely seamless. You simply can't attract everyone with a big general site.

Tsunami needs to make it more clear what the object or purpose of a item is.