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Thoughts to write about

Luke Breuer
2007-04-20 18:06 UTC

  • Whether powerful software must be hard to use, or if the Humanized folks have it right: software good for beginners can be good for experts.
  • Might a hybrid of GUI and command line have the potential to be awesome? What if commands were printed out in a box somewhere as actions are performed, like recording a Word macro? This would combine the power and programmability of the command line with the discoverability of the GUI.
  • What would be the optimal environment for developing a powerful querying and reporting engine? Perhaps a system like X-Windows for POSIX-compliant systems, so that the user does not have to install anything that might cause issues, all database calls can be fast, and only viewed data must be transferred over the wire? Something approaching this?
  • How to improve quality of learning [anything, but probably starting out with programming].
  • How could CSS be improved? I have need for a generic report rendering solution, but I have run into some CSS issues which make me doubt its usability. Sometimes it just seems too hack-ish.