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Thoughts on the Web's strengths

Luke Breuer
2007-06-14 22:32 UTC

Goal: shed light on how to make better software, both web and client.
  • Synchronization of data and settings is often not done on the client, whereas it is typically inherent to the web.
  • The Web offers some guarantee of security (ignoring phishing, browser vulnerabilities, and compromise of application via cross-site-forgery, sql-injection, etc.). This is not shared by untrusted executables downloaded and run on a local machine.
  • The Web is inherently interoperable, via the hyperlink. While this is a very basic type of interoperability, it is quite powerful.
  • The Web has a consistent interface: address bar, hyperlinks, back/forward buttons. Search has become fundamental to the Web.
  • There are fewer installation issues on the Web (caching can cause issues).
  • Firewalls are not an issue with the Web because everything happens over HTTP.
  • The Web works pretty well on different operating system families (browser incompatibilities prevent this from being "very well").
  • It is fairly easy to develop for the Web (although developing high-quality content and applications still requires considerable skill).
  • Bug fixes are much easier to implement if they don't need to be propagated.
  • Collaboration tends to be easier on the web.
  • The web tends to be cheaper, or free (with ads).
  • No scary installation, with security prompts and whatnot.