TIME Features

Luke Breuer
2008-02-25 20:18 UTC
tags: time

  • Searching for "tag:foo" will search for items with tags that contain "foo".
    • implemented in cmdSearch_Click in Main.master.cs
  • Green hyperlinks are "filters" — typically they're just tags, but they could be other types of filter as well. The light green background is an experiment.
  • Typing a number that is between 1 and the number of search results in a search result screen will jump to the appropriate entry. I made it 1-based instead of 0-based because I felt 1 was easier/natural to type for the first result.
    • implemented in javascript in Main.master
  • Searches that result in one result will auto-redirect to that result.
    • Is this desirable?
Syntax Reference
Access keys
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  • s - save edit
  • e - start edit
  • q - cancel edit