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Suggestions for 'points to' and 'pointed to by'

2008-02-29 16:40 UTC

When creating a relationship via "points to" / "pointed to by", it would be much more intuitive to click "Find Subject" and click the name of the link, rather than having to manually copy-paste the link name in. Right now, the click sends you to the actual article - I don't care about the article, as in most cases I already know what it says. I'm creating a link between two specific articles, rather than going down a list of "hmmm, what should link here?". If you want to still allow the link to go to the actual article, then at least provide a link to insert the name into the box for me.

For mondo javascript-fu, doing the autocomplete drop-down like GMail does would be really slick, too, but might be a major performance drain when the DB gets really large. (Edit: apparently you already do this, so cool!)

The "Find Predicate" button should only list predicates, rather than every possible article.