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Software I use

Luke Breuer
2009-01-13 22:03 UTC

current apps
  • Path to Clip — copy path shell extension (VERY useful)
  • Launchy — fast opening of programs; no more Start Menu foolishness
    • "go-y" extension so you can also switch to open windows by window title
  • Process Explorer — fantastic replacement for Task Manager
    • graph processor and I/O usage for each process
    • ability to search for which files have a handle open to a file and forcibly close the handles
    • more columns
  • xplorer² — a fantastic replacement for Windows Explorer
    • the $30 for the pro version is definitely worth it
    • double click in white space in a folder list to go up a level
    • click on any part of a path to go up one or more levels
    • twin views that can be synchronized for mirror folder hierarchies
  • StrokeIt — mouse gestures; I use the minimize one the most
  • Process Monitor — watch file and registry I/O
    • easily troubleshoot NTFS permissions problems
    • see which files and registry entries a program is accessing
  • RegexTest — a tool I wrote to develop .NET regex where you see matches as you write the regex or change the text to be matched (i.e. instantaneous feedback)
    • screenshot
    • maybe I'll re-write it in WPF, using better text editors so I can syntax highlight the regex and make it clear which text is escaped, which text is literal, and which text is ignored (due to comments or Ignore Pattern Whitespace)
      • I need a better text editing control for this
  • MonitorOff — a small C app I wrote to tell my monitors to turn off
    • I map [Windows Key]-O to this app for easy use
  • Beyond Compare — a good file comparison tool
    • offers nice comparison of changes within a line
  • Autohotkey — remap keys in certain scenarios and make macros
    • for example, I remap Ctrl-W in Visual Studio and SSMS to Ctrl-F4
  • Fiddler — http debugging proxy
  • WinDirStat — very useful for visualizing disk usage, using tree maps
  • Windows Key shortcuts — make your own Windows key shortcuts
  • allSnap — snap windows to other windows and screen boundaries
older apps