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Raptor - Programming with Flowcharts

2008-02-08 01:03 UTC



Raptor is a simple program I was introduced to in a college class called "Principles of Computation", in which we learned algorithms and complexity of them in a simplistic way; i.e. it was not very formal at all, but proved to be an excellent introduction to algorithms in general. It was a great class, and the instructor really knew what he was doing. In any case, some of the assignments were to reproduce common algorithms or games in Raptor, which is a programming environment that utilizes flowchart diagrams AS the program; there is no:

int x = 5;

It's entirely in flowcharts. Assignments, subcharts (functions), loops, are all using diagrams. It provides an intuitive way to program and follow the steps of the algorithm, especially since you can alter the speed of your program, pause it, stop it, and watch all your variables in real-time.

It can be found here

Empty Project
Eratosthenes Sieve
Graphics code made easy - for the game Lightsout