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Random Questions

Luke Breuer
2007-04-20 18:14 UTC

  • Why do many blogs not implement showing comments with AJAX, using a link that points to a real URL with comments for those without javascript?
  • Why do programs not make it extremely easy to search their options? A select few do (I have seen one, but I forget its name) — they can be searched and set from a single screen. The first step would be to search the exact description text of the option; next up would be some sort of keyword system or expanded descriptions. Would this be so hard?
  • Why do software developers not develop software that acts intuitively when it comes to long operations? For example, if I click on a network drive in a file manager by accident, I want to be able to cancel that action instead of waiting ten seconds and then opening up a new instance out of frustration. Moreover, some tasks can be parallelized, such as expanding nodes on a tree.
    • Asynchronous AJAX calls can serve as an excellent foundation for this (e.g. callback functions).