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Random Luke Junk

Luke Breuer
2008-02-11 07:23 UTC

CMS Basics
  • Editing content
  • Deploying changes from development server to production server
  • Manage downloadable files
  • Online Calendars
  • Form engine
  • Login, user prefs (like e-mail lists)
Awake, sleeper
  • Ephesians 5:14-17
  • Southwest Research Center/Institute
Cognitive Science
  • On Intelligence, by Jeff Hawkins
  • neilh@caltech.edu
Learning notes
MIT - David Prithard
Caltech - Jerry Pine - famous for teaching science teachers

Ruxandra Paun - junior in CS, will be interning at Google

Ability to balance conflicting ideas involves MATURITY
When there is not a simple answer — how to deal with this
Knowing when to approximate and when one cannot
Pure math
  • Find/Buy
    • desk(s)
    • computer chair
    • lights
    • helping hands
    • trays for electronics components (custom?)
    • camera
    • air purifier
  • PCB's:
    • user interface board with PS/2 port, hex keypad
      • bargraphs for frequency
      • counters
      • LCD(s)
      • dacs and adcs
    • 120VAC power monitoring and distribution board
US Constitution
  • Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1638
Inversion of Control

Reinventing the chariot, not the wheel!

Inversion of control: directing students to their next class. Do I gather all the information and tell each where to go, or do I give them general instructions and let each do his own thing? In the latter case, the information can be stored in a base object; if I need to add information, inherit from the object.
Essay Ideas
  • Breaking the glass to feel what's inside.
TIME Ideas
putting information in context [resulting in knowledge]
EB notes
  • You speak more precisely than most people and get upset when they do not properly interpret what you say.
  • You switch topics so intensely that it tires people out to listen to you.
  • You have to ask multiple times to get a solid answer, from most people.
Software & the nerd psychology
Software is hard to use for many people because nerds develop for nerds, for people who pay excruciating attention to details and require the user to as well, even though that really shouldn't be useful. (At least, if intelligent defaults are used.)