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Python Challenge

2008-04-06 03:48 UTC

This is my progress on Python Challenge.

No actual walkthroughs will be posted here
Since I would absolutely hate to ruin the damn thing for noobs, this will just a general hints page. Until I figure out someway to make a wiki using the URL of the current level you're own as a password to the previous level (like they actually do at pythonchallenge.com).

How to read this
First you see my initial solution, then you see what would have been a better solution. I start off with wrong assumptions and gradually make better assumptions as I progress.
Level 0:
  • April 4 (solved): Using the exponent operator will help you solve this.

Level 1:
  • April 4 (solved): Using dicts will help you solve this problem. Quite easy.
  • Look at the title of the page and look at the strings module for an even better solution.

Level 2:
  • April 4 (solved): I used dicts, once again. For this one, it's extremely easy to simply do what they say. Not much more to say.

Level 3:
  • April 4 (solved): Focus on the word exactly and and it's very easy. Focus on the 'bodyguards' and you will have a hard time. This one is unbelievably easy, but you must consider what they mean by Exactly.

Level 4:
  • April 4 (didn't start): I'm going to have to use urllib for this one.... ughhhhhhhhhhh