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Proposal for Caltech

Luke Breuer
2008-02-22 04:42 UTC

I intend to attempt a return to Caltech (I dropped out after two years). Instead of majoring in Electrical Engineering (EE), as I had planned, I would like to focus all of my classes towards topics that would help me, directly or indirectly, turn TIME into a powerful "data interaction platform".
Brainstorm list
Reducing duplication of effort
Many programming-related questions asked online have been asked before. What I want to do is attempt to match up questions that have the same answer. I want to be able take the (n + 1)th question and match it up to the same answer for the first n questions.

Many queries in general are made over and over again; sometimes in identical fashion, sometimes with slight to significant variations. Deriving patterns from the queries that return the same or similar results is a crucial step towards accomplishing said reduction of effort duplication.
I claim that vast quantities of valuable knowledge worker time are wasted due to inefficient transfer of information. I believe that the requirements necessary to rectify this situation are absolutely minimal compared to the benefits. Furthermore, I think that testing this theory is extraordinarily easy: simply effect a significant increase in the quality of a knowledge worker's knowledge base and observe the effects.
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