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Luke Breuer
2008-12-26 04:53 UTC

TIME stores information in triples: subject, object, and predicate. A predicate relates an object to a subject:
'Alice in Wonderland' is an instance of 'Fairy Tale'
 ^^^^^^subject^^^^^^  ^^^^predicate^^^^  ^^object^^
Choosing predicates:
My inclination is to discourage predicates which contain "specific" nouns in their names. "is an instance of" is good, as "instance" is very general. "discusses programming issues related to" is fairly specific; instead an item should be created for "programming issues", and then a predicate like "discusses" could be used instead. It is probably desirable to keep the number of predicates to a minimum.

Take the above with a grain of salt; it is not a very informed opinion.

Naming convention:
Currently, the string "{subject} {predicate} {object}" should make sense, disregarding plural-related issues.