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My Research

Luke Breuer
2008-01-31 20:05 UTC

What I think of as research might not completely adhere to the standard academic idea of research.
I want to better manage information, to build software systems that do work that [I think] computers do well, that humans do now. In other words, I want to make computers do what they do well to free up human "processing time". So many human brain waves are wasted on tasks almost completely well-suited to computers. I think I have discovered a few keys to fixing this problem. I think I now know enough to find other keys and actually build something useful.
My approach
I could spend my entire life writing better versions of existing software. Chances are, I'd make a difference, but it wouldn't significantly change the status quo, which I observed above. Instead, I want to take a meta approach and attack the problem of gaining knowledge. I think that a major problem that software is not written well, that many things are not done well, is because the relevant knowledge is too hard to obtain.
Example: an electronic textbook
I want to build a textbook that shapes itself to the student. It should take the student's current knowledge base into account, what the student desires to learn, and how much extraneous information to which the student wants to be exposed. The idea is to maximize the rate of learning for each individual and to minimize irrelevant information. Perhaps Adaptive Content will be used for this, perhaps not.