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MAGIC Project Objectives

2008-01-23 03:21 UTC


Note that time estimates below are a best guess only, but shouldn't deviate by more than ~15%. Estimates for the latter two programs (charges and ibill) are based on the assumption that zget will take about 3 hours.
MAGIC Syntax
Assemble a syntax guide for MAGIC, being as complete as possible based on the available source / miscellaneous documentation online (2-3 hours)
Source Code Documentation
Translate the provided MAGIC source code into
  1. a rough (English) outline of program flow (1-2 hours)
  2. a calling tree (3-5 hours)
  3. C-like pseudocode
    1. BAR.PAT.zcus.ep.breuer.ub.ibill.download.M.zget, ~400 lines (3 hours)
    2. BAR.PAT.zcus.ep.breuer.ub.ibill.download.M.ub.charges, ~100 lines (1-2 hours)
    3. BAR.PAT.zcus.ep.breuer.ub.ibill.download.M.ibill ~600 lines (5-8 hours)