Ian notes on tsunami

Luke Breuer
2008-03-21 22:52 UTC

  • thoughts on blogging
    • #4 About the config essay: That my friend is what we call the tipping point.
      • which config essay?
    • However isn't there a situation whereby the more people that read the blog the more you tend to self sensor or maybe change your tone. Its almost like being in a reality show. You end up things you would never do but the fact that you are on camera you behave differently because someone is watching. As long as someone is watching behaviour changes whether is intended or not. Though after being in the spot light for a while you MIGHT revert back since there is nothing to see nothing special.
      • what if a revision history is publicly available?
  • I think what you are attempting to do is transfer paper operations(physical) to the digital.
  • This inline commenting will increase the users workload.
    • To fix this i think a button which will show and hide the inline comments is enough
  • I think one way of measuring how good a program is is noting how ofter one clicks and scrolls. If i have to do these operations alot that means something is broken.
    • I completely agree!
  • thoughts on forums
    • Keeping track of all that meta data my friend is a nightmare
      • the metadata are optional and used for when there is information overload in a given category/topic/subject
  • Any thoughts on twitter?
    • not so useful, unless it's used in a company to indicate where someone is/how interruptible they are
  • I once tried to write a blog this was for a class project. After two posts I got bored. Maybe i lacked the will but I was asking myself who is going to read this and who cares what am working on?
    • the stuff I put in tsunami/write tutorials on gets hit by Google, so people are interested :-)