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Final Year Project

2008-02-06 12:49 UTC
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I am a student in the final semester of a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering degree. As part of my degree, I am required to complete a "Final Year Project" or FYP. The FYP has a set of strict requirements, but in general it must be a large project containing largely original code which solves a problem.
Project Introduction
My project was concieved as a PDA-based piece of software used to help overcome some major obstaces that prevent individuals from practicing the sport of orienteering. The user will download a course file from the internet, load it into the PDA, and then carry the PDA with them as they physically run around the course.
How It Will Work
The target platform for the project is any PDA with an integrated GPS chip. The project will use the GPS data to track the players' progress around the course. As the player nears each checkpoint it will record their visit automatically. The project will track the players' time around the course.
Technical Specifics
The project is targeted at Windows Mobile 5, the most common OS used on PDAs with integrated GPS at the time of the project's research section. I will be using the .NET platform and coding the project using C#. I have no prior experience with mobile development or working with GPS hardware.
I may add a page on orienteering and the specific problems when I have the time.