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Comments on page?

2008-02-29 16:40 UTC

Since adding versioning to the system is going to be a major undertaking, perhaps having something of a "comments" system would be a good stopgap solution, and one that could develop into its own solid feature later on.

Essentially, provide a link or box or something at the bottom of a page that allows the User to create a new article on that same page, that is tied to it. This creates a new article, but automatically does some of the necessary associations for it as well. In addition, the "comment" article is tied to the main article, and is always shown along with it.

This would be a better system than the Wikipedia comments page, since it brings much more of a "forums" feel to it, rather than trying to edit a single page of a document.

Suggestion: make a +/- button to expand or hide a particular comment