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edit item Chris Hedges on New Atheism, the God Debate, Science and Religion, and Self Delusion
tags: transcript
edit item Move-Item with wildcard literals
tags: powershell
edit item Translation Problem
(no tags)
edit item David Bentley Hart - Is God a Person
tags: video-notes
edit item The Minimal Self
tags: lasch book-notes
edit item The Political Illusion
tags: ellul book-notes
edit item ForumSearcher.cs
tags: thread-enhancement time-source-code
edit item AutoHotkey: command-backtick windows switcher for Windows
tags: autohotkey
edit item EF Core: backing fields
(no tags)
edit item SQL2005: Ways to get user name
tags: sql-script-2005
edit item PowerShell: pipeline as array
tags: powershell
edit item AutoHotkey: character replacements
tags: autohotkey
edit item Neil deGrasse Tyson on religious people
tags: video-notes
edit item AutoHotkey: alter clipboard HTML
tags: autohotkey
edit item seeing the good
tags: christianity
edit item Yanis Varoufakis and Noam Chomsky @ NYPL
tags: video-notes
edit item AutoHotkey: accent characters
tags: autohotkey
edit item traceroute phonon
tags: phonon
edit item ping phonon
tags: phonon
edit item tsunami syntax
tags: tsunami-syntax
edit item suggested reading and watching
(no tags)
edit item On seeing ahead
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item Noam Chomsky's 2012 lecture, "The machine, the ghost, and the limits of understanding"
tags: lecture-notes
edit item PHP pros and cons
tags: php programming comparison
edit item Understanding Pyramid's authenticated userid
tags: py-pyramid-learning
edit item Pyramid gotchas
tags: py-pyramid-learning
edit item Understanding Pyramid's root factory
tags: py-pyramid-learning
edit item Understanding Pyramid's authentication and authorization scheme
tags: py-pyramid-learning
edit item Understanding the Pyramid web framework
tags: py-pyramid-learning
edit item sqlite info
tags: sqlite
edit item Christianity: the New Covenant
tags: christianity scripture-list
edit item Christianity: unity and division
tags: christianity scripture-list
edit item Christianity: suffering
tags: christianity suffering
edit item Project Xanadu
tags: xanadu ted_nelson tsunami-new
edit item Object Capability Security
tags: ocaps jz tsunami
edit item tsunami questions
tags: tsunami-question
edit item tsunami: symbolic quoting
tags: tsunami-idea symbolic-quoting
edit item C# 3.0: SelfJoinByOffset
tags: code-snippet
edit item Does God tempt us?
tags: bible-conundrum
edit item scp error
tags: scp osx .bashrc
edit item Christianity: relational sin
tags: christianity
edit item Sandbox
tags: sandbox
edit item Al and Luis meeting notes
tags: labreuer-thoughts
edit item ASP.NET
tags: asp.net
edit item gps
(no tags)
edit item SA extract thread references
tags: sql-script-2005 thread-enhancer
edit item C#: extension methods
tags: c# code
edit item SQL2008 Features
tags: sql-server-2008 pdc-notes-2008
edit item Word2BBCode
tags: word-macro vba
edit item tef
tags: tef resume
edit item tsunami parsing model
tags: tsunami-technical
edit item Lost Art of Listening notes
tags: book-notes labreuer
edit item Javascript: text selection
tags: javascript
edit item My AutoHotkey script
tags: labreuer
edit item C#: EnumerableMemoizer
tags: c#
edit item Different browser transformations of HTML
tags: tsunami-dev
edit item SQL2005: disk usage
tags: sql-script-2005 disk-usage utility
edit item SQL 2005: list SQLCLR assemblies on server
tags: sql-script-2005 sqlclr
edit item C.S. Lewis on God and science
tags: cs_lewis
edit item BetterSQL
tags: sql-thoughts
edit item ilmerge
tags: c#-tool assembly
edit item Christianity: God's will
tags: christianity scripture-list
edit item tsunami
tags: tsunami-idea
edit item No Time to Think
tags: google-tech_talk
edit item old tsunami main page
tags: tsunami-idea
edit item Christianity: emulating Christ
tags: christianity scripture-list
edit item skepticism and atheism
(no tags)
edit item Christianity: milk vs. red meat
tags: christianity scripture-list
edit item cmd.exe
tags: cmd.exe
edit item Christianity: God's desire for salvation
tags: christianity scripture-list