Worldview(last updated: 20/4/05 05:40 UTC)


Without a coherent worldview, one is lost.


There are many different worldviews today, some of which make more sense than others.  It seems to me that an important ability is to be able to see through than more than one worldview at a time -- such an ability is almost essential to understanding others.  With this said, I have seen several worldviews and believe there is one that makes more sense than all the others: Christianity.  Now you might say "wait a second, that's a religion!" You would be correct, although perhaps misleading.  Christianity describes a worldview that I believe is the best one going today.  In my opinion, it accurately explains the abundance of evil (or whatever you wish to label acts that include the kind of terrorism that intends to kill innocent people) in this world.  It dictates a way of living that leads to a healthy, happy life.  It just plain works.  If I have this worldview that works and makes my life easier, why would I not want to share it with other people?