Software to Write(last updated: 02/12/09 19:26 UTC)


Following is software that I want to write.  You may say that some of it has been written before, but I will cite my information availability complaint.  I believe I can write web applications (some could have rich client interfaces) to solve this problem.  Specifically, I would write applications that would all focus on including metadata in order to make searches extremely effective.  If you want to hear more, or even help me on any of this, drop me a note.


This stands for Random Information Management System.  Think of this as the brain: it contains all or most of the information I care about; different types of information have different metadata.  So, you search for "digital oscilloscope" and have access to price metadata.  I will elaborate more on this as time permits, or if you request more detail.


While phpBB forums, or bulletin boards, are nice, they have a fatal flaw: bad searching.  I want to be able to associate keywords with posts.  I want to be able to tell the system "this post was useful," or "this post is useless and should be hidden from this thread."  Then, the software could sort by how many users marked a post as useful, and not show useless posts.  Think of an XmlHttpRequest based user control panel, where you don't have to refresh the page to see if people have responded to threads you are participating.  See an example on WebMark of search-as-you-type technology.  Might this not be useful?  Think of an architecture designed to take full advantage of XmlHttpRequest (with compatibility with browsers not supporting it): all user interaction would be much more streamlined.

I figure that if I write this forum software correctly, I could use it to add [comment] links to almost every part of my website.  Perhaps with the help of RIMS, I could do a search on an item and find all the discussion about it.  In this way, I could implement a blog using the forum software.

Expertise Exchange

Check out my thoughts on this.  I want to code this in such a way that it is as easy as possible to connect with other people.


While there are some awesome wiki's out there, like Wikipedia, they often lack excellent searching features.  As you have probably figured out by now, searching is extremely important.  Therefore, I will probably just write my own wiki from the ground up.


Scheduling meetings is often quite annoying: one has to send out an e-mail or contact people and somehow find out good times to meet.  Why not have everyone input his free time on web calendar software, and then when one wants to schedule a meeting, just see what time will allow the most people to attend.  This would also be useful in finding people who are available at any given time to work on projects.  If written well, this would be extremely helpful in coordinating and scheduling. does this! Thanks to a random guy from the internet who emailed me about this.