Selling My Software(last updated: 28/4/05 23:54 UTC)


I am in favor of free software, but I also need money.


Ideally, I would spend a lot of time writing free software.  However, it is hard to do this and have enough spending money, for, say, a better development server.  So, I will probably charge for some of my software, unless I can get some donation scheme working where people donate money to me if they want.  I have no clue how well systems like this work.  You can be assured that I will make quality, well-documented software with good coding style.  If I do sell my software, it will be low-priced, except for perhaps companies, which definitely have lots of money to pay me ;)

Let me say this again: I am concerned with software quality more than money.  I am not president of a software company which needs to make large sums of cash in order to survive.  I am simply a college student who needs to pay the bills and perhaps get a few cool things ;)