Quality(last updated: 20/4/05 05:20 UTC)


Quality is on the decline and lack of quality == major waste of time.


It seems to me that overall quality of people/products/etc. has decreased over the past half-century.  Tonka toys that used to be made out of metal are now made out of flimsy plastic.  Matchbox cars that I played with were all metal (save the plastic wheels) -- they could take quite a beating.  My nephew's matchbox cars are mostly plastic -- they just seem to broadcast an overall lower level of quality.  People in today's day and age just seem too lazy to produce quality products.

Software Reuse

Quality is a big requirement in the reuse of data.  If someone has gone through some process and produced a product, the reusability of any part of that relies on several aspects, all dependant on quality.  Is the documentation thorough?  Is the code clean and logical?  If quality can be maintained in such conditions, it is my belief that such work could be reused instead of redone.