True laziness requires periods of non-laziness.


I claim to be lazy, but in a unique way: I like to build devices and software that allow me and others to be lazy.  That means that when others are playing video games, I am setting up infrared beams so I'm alerted when a coworker enters my office (I wear headphones so I don't hear people walking in).  Would it not be nice to say "Computer, set alarm to 8:30"?  Yet the prospect of such a system seems so complicated, right up there with warp drive (i.e. Star Trek technology).  It is if such a project is taken on by one person with little access to expert advice.  It is my belief that, with expert advice and additional help, such a project would be fun and very, very rewarding.  We just have to resist the temptation to be lazy – at least some of the time.  Then, we can be even lazier!