Flexibility(last updated: 20/4/05 04:30 UTC)


Flexibility is an important attribute, definitely worth developing.


Flexible is an extremely valuable asset.  Breakthroughs and revolutions are not initiated by those who are happy with the current system, those who want more.  Being flexible means that if a new way is better than the old way, you are willing to do it.  One example is this speed reading course which claims to teach me how to read in a whole new, much faster way.  Now, you might laugh and say that such an idea is hogwash -- only people with photographic memories can perform such feats.  I claim that you are most likely being close-minded or inflexible, unless you have some solid evidence backing your position.  The risk of spending a few hours on a speed reading course pales in comparison to the potential benefits.

Flexibility also allows one change bad habits without significant effort.  For example, changing one's coding style to adhere to coding conventions and best practices can be a very painful process.  However, if one is willing to give it a try, the benefits are enormous.  Not only would such an effort benefit one person -- example code generated by this person would be available to countless others.