Expertise Exchange(last updated: 20/4/05 09:51 UTC)


Imagine trading in expertise instead of material goods.  I know how to do something you want to do but don't know how to do, and vice versa.  Might it not be a good idea for us to trade knowledge?  Perhaps form "rings" of trade?


I have quite a few questions/requests that I simply do not have the time to research and answer myself.  I'm sure others are in the same position.  I don't see why an exchange of expertise would not be a good idea or would not be feasible.  I sort of wonder why this doesn't exist already, or why I don't know about the site if it does exist!

I understand that this is a reason the word "consultant" exists.  However, one typically cannot be a consultant without being an adult and usually without expertise in at least one field.  What if I simply need some JavaScript help, something that a teenager could probably help with?

Even if you cannot execute a direct trade with someone else, perhaps you can help person A, who can help person B, who can help you?  This sounds like a ring trade to me.  Why would this not be an awesome idea?

Writing the Software

I actually plan on writing an implementation of this for the Caltech Electronics Club.  Check out the website!  I would love input on this system: how to design it, what the GUI should look like, etc.  Contact me if you are interested in this.