Efficiency(last updated: 20/4/05 05:15 UTC)


Efficiency is always a good idea and is easy if pursued correctly.


One of my goals is to become efficient.  Time is money, which pretty much sums it up.  I do not mean to say that I am greedy -- I would be quite happy with spending some of my time on unpaid activities.  Something often overlooked is that efficiency is key to laziness.  So, we want to be lazy: is it not better to have more free time to be lazy than be lazy in everything and end up with little free time?  One key element to note is that efficiency does not have to sacrifice quality, and the type of efficiency I mention maintains or increases quality.

I will state outright that sometimes I go too far with my efficiency thing.  I know that sometimes I should just accept the situation the way it is and not change it.  However, I think I am legitimate in claiming that in *some* of the cases where others think I'm going too far, I'm not.