Disclaimer(last updated: 20/4/05 04:24 UTC)


I never intend to offend others; unfortunately, I often do so unintentionally.


It is a known fact that I tend to come off a bit... strongly shall we say.  Sometimes this is good, and sometimes this is bad.  Appearing absolutely confident just seems to be the way I portray myself.  Although I might seem to have my mind totally made up on an issue, do not assume that I will be intransigent.  I try quite hard to maintain an open mind on most issues.  Now, with that said, there's a very relevant quote: "An open mind is like an open window -- it needs a screen to keep the bugs out."  Also keep in mind that I love sarcasm -- chances are that what you are taking personally was not meant to insult you in any way.

I would love your thoughts on my thoughts.  I find it quite enjoyable to discuss such topics, as long as things do not get out of hand.  I've come up with a good deal of the below all on my own and I have [less clue than I think] of how far off from the target I actually am.  If you take any of the below as an insult, I apologize, but I also ask you to ensure that I really meant it as an insult.

Another thing you will want to know is this: I have not laboriously edited every page here and sometimes I can be quite random.  I'm not sure why this should cause a problem, but if it does, I apologize in advance.

The bottom line is this: I want to do my best to be intellectually honest.  Without this, people are lost.