Luke's EE5x Page(last updated: 2/5/05 13:12 GMT)


Having taken EE51 and EE52, I understand that there is a lot of information covered.  I intend this website to be an excellent resource for those taking the classes and, to a lesser extent, those interested in embedded microprocessor systems.  This is my homepage, if you are at all interested...


There are now very useful links in WebMark for the SoPC sections.

I just put this site together, so it will get more content as time goes on.  I would greatly appreciate help in doing so!  One way you can do this is to contribute to WebMark.


I will use WebMark for storing any and all bookmarks.  For example, search for "ee52" to see all ee52 related bookmarks, and "ee52-ref" for references I and others have added.  Typing "vc ee5x" will let you see all of the bookmarks directly in the EE5x category.  Notice that there could be more items -- please add more!  WebMark can only improve -- once volume of bookmarks becomes a problem I will implement technology to rank results that is better than any search engines out there, because of the extra data I have (the extra metadata that exists for most bookmarks will be extremely helpful).

Electronics Club

If you like doing EE5x type activities out of class, without the stress, working on projects you are interested, visit the electronics club website and join!